Be secure and safe in the virtual world

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Today everything is in our hands. The whole world is just a click away. With the advent of Smartphone and touch screen one no longer needs to be computer literate in order to operate these devices. But along with it comes the danger of invasion of privacy and theft of information. But if one can get the world close they can protect it too. There is various computer software to perform varied functions for us. Also there is innumerable software to protect them too. (more…)


Computer Software sources and usage

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There are variety of ways to obtain computer softwares, the most common methods being downloading from the internet and installation from CDs. Though the softwares are available free of cost through these resources, in most of the cases we can only get a trial version of the same. The trial versions normally include very basic features and functionality of the software. In order to obtain a detailed functionality, we need to obtain license for the software in other words it is a paid resource. Yes, most of the software developing organizations would demand a nominal charge for the licensed version of the software. (more…)


Computer softwares- uses and advantages

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We are living in the computer age and it is an added advantage to use the latest technology in our day to day life. Computers help us in all aspects be it banking, finance and education or even to make a career. Computer software as we all know is a set of instructions written in a computer specific language to perform any given task.

There are various softwares available right from gaming softwares to latest mobile software. (more…)


Era of computer softwares – uses and maintenance

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It’s the internet era and computers are being used worldwide and have become a part and parcel of our daily lives. With the advancement of technology, we use computers in every field such as banking, insurance, online shopping, travel and the like. Hence there is a wide variety of computer softwares available in various sites. With the increase of software use, it is also very essential to maintain it else it turns out to be an overhead for most of the users. (more…)